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TITLE: Finding Naturalization Records
PRESENTER: Cathi Weber
DESCRIPTION: Did your immigrant ancestor become an American citizen? Learn about clues to find their records.
Cathi Weber has been researching her family for over 40 years and started NorthStar Genealogy to help others with their research and teach classes. She is President of the Anoka County (MN) Genealogical Society and the chair of the Education Committee of the Minnesota Genealogical Society.

HANDOUT: Finding Naturalization Records

TITLE: Where Did They Come From and Where Are Their Records?
DESCRIPTION: One of the most difficult parts of Czech and Slovak genealogy is “getting across the pond”. In this presentation, Jim Hudec takes you step-by-step through the process of exploring the various places you may find that all important clue and ends the presentation with a quick review of how to explore each of the current online archives in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This is a great start for those still trying to find that first village and a perhaps a new perspective for those who still have additional ancestral villages yet to find.

TITLE: Stable Cadastral Mapping System of the Czech Republic (Presented in 4 parts)
PRESENTERS: Helmuth Schneider
DESCRIPTION: This 4 video set reviews a one hour presentation describing Cadastral Maps and Land Records used in the Czech Republic and how they can be used in genealogical research throughout most of Bohemia and Moravia.

TITLE: Using Cadastral Maps and Land Records to View Your Ancestor’s Property at Present
PRESENTERS: Helmuth Schneider
DESCRIPTION: This presentation is a continuation of content found in “Stable Cadastral Mapping System of the Czech Republic (Presented in 4 parts)” In this part, you will learn how to locate the present houses numbers, house image, and plot information using the current Real Estate Cadastre at www/ This presentation does a step by step walk through with examples of taking information found in archive records from the 1700-1900’s and applying it to 1800’s Cadastral maps and current Katastr maps helping you locate the exact GPS coordinates, images, and driving instructions to see your ancestors property online or in person when you visit the Czech Republic.

TITLE: The DNA Side of Genealogy
PRESENTER: Alice Eichholz, Ph.D., CG
DESCRIPTION: This presentation outlines the various types of DNA testing available and how they can be used to assist in conducting genealogical research.

TITLE: CGSI Library Holdings
PRESENTERS: Kevin Hurbanis, Jerry Martinek, Suzette Steppe
DESCRIPTION: With over 1200 items in our card catalog and some very unique holdings, the CGSI library is a source for your genealogical searching that can help take you to places you will not find anywhere else on the internet. And the best news is…you don’t have to live in Minnesota to “visit”!

TITLE: Member Benefits on
PRESENTERS: Kevin Hurbanis, Tony Kadlec, Jerry Martinek
DESCRIPTION: Have you ever wondered if you are getting the full value out of your CGSI membership? This presentation reviews some key areas of the website and why and how it can be of value to you as you move forward in your genealogical searches and increase your knowledge of the Slovak and Czech lands.

TITLE: German Bohemian Migration from Bukovina to the Americas
PRESENTER: Steve Parke
DESCRIPTION: Originally presented at the 2013 Cedar Rapids CGSI Conference, Steve Parke reviews the immigration paths of various families from the German Bohemian area of Bukovina to the United States, Canada, Argentina and Brazil. An interesting story of the immigration history and how the families have developed through the 19th and 20th centuries.


DESCRIPTION: The Hospodar magazine was founded in Omaha, NE in 1890 by Jan Rosicky. The magazine is in Czech, but by copying sections and pasting them into Google Translate a good idea of the article can be obtained. The magazine focuses on farming practices, but typically about 2/3s of the way through each issue there will be letters posted by individual Czechs and Slovaks from all areas of the US. These articles will cover a full range of stories from immigration encounters to farming practices to commentary on politics in the US and their former home. A key intent of the magazine was to assist immigrants in understanding the land, environment and farming practices leading to success in their new home. Each magazine is a separate pdf file that will download to your pc. They are usually about 30 meg in size but vary by issue.

Hospodar 1932 May 5
Hospodar 1932 May 20
Hospodar 1932 June 5
Hospodar 1932 June 20
Hospodar 1932 July 2
Hospodar 1932 August 5

TITLE: Latin-Czech Dictionary
AUTHOR: Dr. Kamil Furst, 1920
DESCRIPTION: Excellent resource for Latin terms defined in Czech. Easy to translate the Czech definition by using Google Translate. Note that the book was almost 100 years old and in fragile condition resulting in some pages being a bit more difficult to read. Excellent reference tool when interpreting archive records. 392 pages.

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TITLE: The grandmother; a story of country life in Bohemia
AUTHOR: Němcová, Božena, 1820-1862
DESCRIPTION: This book was originally published in the Czech language and translated by Frances Gregor to English in 1891. The below link will take you to the pdf which can be downloaded from Google within current copyright by clicking on the link in the left panel. 352 pages.

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