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Message Date Commentsort descending Date
Tesack, Waingel 08/13/2011 Laura
Herzan-Kriklava Bohemia (Minnesota) Research 02/26/2011 Cindy Stangland
Pavlina, Scsurik, Kumek, Cloga, Ostrak from Zacopcse 04/19/2010 Pat Wagner
Women's surnames in late 19th c. Slovakia 05/18/2017 Annemarie Cooke
Sovella 07/27/2016 Barbara
Surnames being researched 03/17/2007 Vicki Hoenigman
Hudrlik 07/21/2013 B. Hudrlik
Families from the Czech village of Svarenice, including Kisela, and others? 12/21/2011 Jim Kisela
Surname Koenig in Olomouc 01/27/2011 Ed von Koenig
Researching Kliner and Hlava from Bohemia 09/19/2010 Doc Kliner
Hvostal/Stefan surnames 04/19/2015 Brian
New at this. 07/25/2005 Steven Novacheck
Surname Jenista 03/18/2014 J Pasch
Looking for Grandmother 10/29/2013 Lela Helzer
Cost of Travel 05/09/2012 Robert Houser
New Member Introduction 03/16/2012 Dave Vesely
Prinz Eugen von Daroyen 1st Dragoons Regiment (Moor, Hungary August, 1863), and 2nd Dragoon Regiment 06/14/2011 Mary Vavrosky
Merchant unity for Moravia and Silesia in Brno 08/16/2010 Lucy Collins
Surnames of Merta, Jedounek 04/10/2017 Karel
Clubs 06/23/2009 Wayne Peterson
Nemec/Nemetz/Adamec/Adametz 12/26/2008 G Lyster
popsons? 11/25/2007 Cody Popson
Slovak immigrants in Alabama 07/26/2007 John H. Adams
Sir names Sovella, Gogolach Schlosser 09/28/2013 Barbara
Elice Holik 1905 Prague 07/06/2013 June Austen
Prusaks of Tisinec, Potoceks of Lubotin 04/27/2011 Tisha
Lackey/Lachky, Tauber/Taubr, Kozel, Prymek 12/27/2010 Barbara Salazar
Vitek/Krizan 06/14/2010 MBurnham
Announcing a New Guide for locating Austro-Hungary Military Records 03/27/2010 Bill Tarkulich
charles Medal family 09/27/2009 catherine fremut
Slechta 06/04/2009 Paul Slechta
Valesh, Vales, Lapic 10/29/2008 Patrick Guggisberg
Cuchna's in MN & Chicago 02/05/2008 Tim Cuchna
Waldler Messe 10/24/2007 John Berg
Von Gruner, Pilz, Werner, Khiell, Bergmann 07/01/2013 Sylvia Gruner
Anastasia Beranek (1884-1964) - Searching for mother, father, siblings in Vinarice 09/11/2012 Linda
Anna Karnold Skyoro 04/29/2012 Laura Lomicka Simkanich
Oswald 11/10/2011 Vendula Masatova
Help or be helped: Hejduk and Kliment from Oustalec (Austaletz) 03/05/2010 Tom Hejduk
Andro/Annie (Tkach) Fetcho 02/07/2017
The Hrouda Family 09/16/2009 Joe Hrouda
Konechne/Bulcek 01/29/2008 Lynn Konecny
Shebanek 10/12/2007 Jeanne Fitzgerald
Marek / Lukes from Bohemia 03/09/2015 Ray Velchek
Researching Surnames 05/06/2007 Rhonda
Seeking surname Slovick 06/19/2014 John Davis
village of Nemcice, north of Litomysl 06/21/2013 miker
Jacob Florian in Helena Tsp, Scott County 1885 02/07/2013 kathy