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Messagesort descending Date Comment Date
Koranda 04/28/2010 Judy Nelson
Korous surname 06/13/2010 Dawn Soukup Eckrich The query has two levels, as 07/26/2010 wincubs96
Kostelec Nad Vltavou 1900 census 06/07/2014 Mike Braun One more note on this. On 10/18/2014 mabraun
Koželuh and Kavina families 04/21/2017 Dan Tajbl Please reply directly to 04/21/2017 TajblDan39
Krecek/Krytinar surnames 09/01/2009 Beverly Krecek
Krivanek, Korinek, Nachodsky 09/16/2013 Robin What are you attempting to 09/24/2013 jerrymartinek
Kroc, Anna 07/24/2011 Linda Gassmann
Kroutil from Pivnisko, immigrated around 1907. Marie with 5 children to NY 12/17/2013 Anna Tews Hi, Anna. Not sure what you 01/08/2014 jerrymartinek
Krupitza from Mohradorf? 04/05/2009 Tim Allen
Kubeck Kubec Kubek Kubik Kobac? - Lake County, Indiana 05/18/2012 Carla Stead - Kubeck I have a great aunt and uncle 04/06/2013 carolynn.miller
KUBIK, CARPENTER - Springfield Massachusetts USA 03/23/2009 Tina Peters
KUBIK, THIUHOS, town of Scolchan 05/05/2009 Tina Peters Hi Tina: I’m fairly 11/26/2009 paul.makousky
Kucera and Sajvera (Sajverova) families 02/25/2014 Emily I just looked at the article, 02/25/2014 emu711
Kucera and Sajvera (Sajverova) families 02/25/2014 Emily Emily, I sent you an email 03/18/2014 dan.urban
Kucera and Sajvera (Sajverova) families 02/25/2014 Emily Emily: Not sure if related 09/24/2014 david.vancura
Kucera and Sajvera (Sajverova) families 02/25/2014 Emily Emily, I just found this 10/21/2015 linda.diorio
Kusalik 07/10/2013 Judy Nelson
Lackey/Lachky, Tauber/Taubr, Kozel, Prymek 12/27/2010 Barbara Salazar
Ladman DNA Project 12/26/2013 ladmanfinder
Lapos Family 11/01/2008 Mike York
Lehosit/Lihosit 11/08/2011 Sean Lehosit
Leo Baca DNA webinar handouts 02/24/2014 diannbiltz The handout for this 03/15/2014 anthony.kadlec
Lidice 06/02/2009 Nelson There are lists available of 02/03/2010 toni.brendel
Lidice 06/02/2009 Nelson I am very interested in 06/19/2012
Liska, Ferdinand Paul-Birth Records? 08/05/2017 jcetnar25
Local Guide - Nejdek Karlovy Vary area 04/10/2013 Eva Zimmermann
Locating info in LeSueur County 01/14/2008 kathy
Lojinove or Lojina 03/05/2013 holubhelper
Lomicka, Vaclay 04/29/2012 Laura Lomicka Simkanich
Looking for an article from Nase Rodina on pearl button factories run by families from Zirovnice 01/02/2011 Keith Albrecht Hi Keith, I’m also looking 03/25/2013 102042mel
Looking for any clues on Karaba families from Drahvoce and ? 02/01/2008 Diane Karaba Hi Diane, I live near Moquah 04/27/2013 MJames
Looking for anyone from Prachatice/Prachatitz. 05/11/2014 Richard I have a couple family 05/20/2014 jerrymartinek
Looking for family of Martin Laiza 07/12/2014 vjm The records for Javornik 07/19/2015 gsvatos
Looking for family of Martin Laiza 07/12/2014 vjm I believe the surname you are 10/06/2015 rudolph.hozak
Looking for Felix Maurath Birth Place - 1874 07/03/2014 Carol
Looking for Grandmother 10/29/2013 Lela Helzer
looking for grandparents 01/30/2008 Mary Ann Garrison Re: looking for grandparents 02/04/2008 Michelle
Looking for Herbaczek Family From Pilzen 04/07/2016 Frank Allen
looking for immigrants from Hvozdavy or Krizanov 02/27/2015 Dennis Mulacek Name of town in heading 02/27/2015 dennisa.mulacek
Looking for info on Pisek area orphanages or childrens homes 04/18/2017 Mike Braun Look for Paulina’s Godparents 11/29/2017 judithr.nelson
Looking for info on the last name of Janda 07/21/2005 Mike Southwick Re: Looking for info on the last name of Janda 02/23/2008 Ray Johnson
Looking for information on Elias druga 10/14/2014 Stephanie Looking for any information 12/22/2014 Jazz94
Looking for information on family names 03/25/2008 Diane
Looking for Information on Hvozdany appx. 90km south of Prague 02/14/2013 Dennis Mulacek Hello Dennis: Here is a 03/10/2013 anthony.kadlec
Looking for Information on Hvozdany appx. 90km south of Prague 02/14/2013 Dennis Mulacek Thanks. I’m a little late 03/11/2014 dennisa.mulacek
Looking for information on Ivanovo Selo, Croatia 12/21/2011 Jim Kisela
Looking for information on Surname Kala 04/19/2015 mom465
Looking for Kasper, Drahos, Mares, Stara in Brezenice area 01/10/2012 Gary Davis
Looking for Kucaba Czech records 02/21/2017 June Ellefsen Hi June, 03/24/2017 JOLKASS