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Message Date Comment Date
sulc family 11/11/2014 bbennett STILL LOOKING FOR ANY INFO ON 01/11/2015 bettynrick
Sulc family 11/11/2014 bettyb
Mary Tichy b. 1897 arrived America 1914 11/10/2014 ekidera
Filek families in the Chicago area 11/02/2014 Mary Foxworthy Hello. I just happened 11/09/2014 mabraun
ISO any Strejc family from Cervene Porici / Poritschen, CZ 10/31/2014 Bill Streitz
Also Kubin and Slanica/Namestovo 10/18/2014 Peter Heilbrunn
Looking for information on Elias druga 10/14/2014 Stephanie Looking for any information 12/22/2014 Jazz94
Researching Banieczky/Baniecki/Lukats/Lukacs 10/05/2014 Margaret
Seeking info on my Pokorny ancestors' arrival in America (c. 1854), early family records (1860s/Chicago, IL?) 09/30/2014 Dennis (Pokorny) Dooley
looking for people in Plymouth PA 09/28/2014 Barbara
Professional Researcher - Jaroslav Jansa 09/25/2014 Loretta Roetz
Archive for Humpolec? 09/25/2014 Debra Hi Debra: Looks like 09/30/2014 anthony.kadlec
Archive for Humpolec? 09/25/2014 Debra 02/23/2015 jerrymartinek
Major, Mayer, 09/07/2014 June I have recently found 09/13/2014 austenjune
Major, Mayer, 09/07/2014 June Unfortunately the parents of 11/26/2014 gsvatos
Major, Mayer, 09/07/2014 June Gabi, Thank you for your 09/05/2015 austenjune
Major, Mayer, 09/07/2014 June Gabi, I am still searching 09/11/2016 austenjune
Slovak Village Descriptions 08/31/2014 Susan You will have to use google 11/30/2014 gsvatos
Slovak Village Descriptions 08/31/2014 Susan August 4, 2015 Rankovce is 08/04/2015 RLavenberg
Searching for Krejci near Pisek and Pavik near Tabor 08/28/2014 Diane
Viennese foundlings in Bohemia 08/24/2014 Sara K
Pokorney & Mackett 08/23/2014 Joe Pokorney I have Pokorny relatives in 09/22/2014 austenjune
Slovaks and Carpatho-Rusyns in Brookside AL 08/23/2014 John Schweich
Yarabek(Jarabek) Barton, Benda tree on 08/10/2014 Ron Roman
Jarabek, Barton, Benda 07/24/2014 Ron Roman
Looking for surname Janosik or similar, or Cirner 07/18/2014 Rich Janosik
Looking for family of Martin Laiza 07/12/2014 vjm The records for Javornik 07/19/2015 gsvatos
Looking for family of Martin Laiza 07/12/2014 vjm I believe the surname you are 10/06/2015 rudolph.hozak
Looking for Felix Maurath Birth Place - 1874 07/03/2014 Carol
Fetcho/Mehochko 06/20/2014 Elizabeth (Fetcho) Stoffel There is an Andrew Fetcho in 06/28/2014 holubhelper
Fetcho/Mehochko 06/20/2014 Elizabeth (Fetcho) Stoffel I know the Fetchos lived in 02/06/2017 elizabeth.stoffel
Seeking surname Slovick 06/19/2014 John Davis
Kostelec Nad Vltavou 1900 census 06/07/2014 Mike Braun One more note on this. On 10/18/2014 mabraun
Researching PEICHL, Lanskroun Area 05/12/2014 L Roetz
Looking for anyone from Prachatice/Prachatitz. 05/11/2014 Richard I have a couple family 05/20/2014 jerrymartinek
STOLCPART Family 05/04/2014 Lilypondlady If your Stolcpart/ Stolzbart 07/11/2015 gsvatos
STOLCPART Family 05/04/2014 Lilypondlady Here is a birth record for 07/11/2015 gsvatos
STOLCPART Family 05/04/2014 Lilypondlady I already have the birth 05/24/2016 lilypondlady
Holik 04/28/2014 June Austen
Looking for last name of Hajas, Anna or Slavo 04/25/2014 Margie
Tomasek surname 04/19/2014 Anna Tomasek Farrell
Surname: Lapsansky or Tokoly 04/13/2014 Jan L
Surycek 04/05/2014 Ygaen I had contacted someone about 04/28/2014 ygaen
MIKULA, JOHN & ROKOS, THERESA 03/28/2014 DEBBIE Is he John who passed on Dec 06/23/2014 slovakgirl_49
Surname MALY 03/25/2014 Chuck Maly Hi Chuck, Was Karel Maly a 07/13/2015 gsvatos
Surname MALY 03/25/2014 Chuck Maly Here is the 1858 birth record 07/15/2015 gsvatos
Surname Stuchly, Brandstatter 03/20/2014 Nicole Terry
Surname Kaplan or Jenista in SE Bohemia 03/19/2014 J Pasch
Surname Jenista 03/18/2014 J Pasch
Velebil 03/12/2014 Gayle