Plihal Family of McLeod Co., MN, and Lorence, Zahradnik Families of Racine Co., WI

Posted: Mon, 04/30/2012 - 19:13
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My first post: Franz Plihal (1845-abt 1910) and Josephine Plihal (1842-1933) came with children Josephine, Franz, Emma and Joseph, from Telici, Policka, Bohemia, in 1881. Family papers say that the older Josephine Plihal had sisters in Racine County, WI, and that as the Plihal family traveled to McLeod County, MN, they spent a few weeks in Racine with those sisters.

My research thus far indicates that one of the older Josephine’s sisters was Marie/Mary Lorence, b.1835, who was killed by a train in Racine in 1916. Mary married Franz Lorenz/Frank Lorence; they lived in Caledonia, Racine Co., WI, and had 14 children.

Need proof of the maiden name of the older Josephine Plihal (1842-1933) and her sister(s). Some documents indicate the name is Zahradnik.


The names you mentioned sounded familiar so I checked my information. I trace ancestry back to to Teleci also. Josefa Plihal’s maiden name was Zahradnik. Her father was Vaclav Zahradnik from Teleci #95 and her mother was Josefa Filipi, probably from Lacnov #4. Her first husband was Frantisek Fajmon from Teleci #140. He died February 27, 1865. She married Frantisek Plihal on August 11, 1865. She and Frantisek Fajmon had a daughter Frantiska, born on April 13, 1865. She had a sister Magdalena who was married to Frantisek Lorenc from Oldris #143. I don’t know anything more about them.
The List of Owners for houses in Teleci says that the entire Plihal family left for Amerika in 1881. I have this information because my great grandmother was Anna Fajmon from Teleci who was a cousin of Frantisek Fajmon. Let me know if I can give you any more help.
Kathy Jorgenson