Zelezny from Cesky Brod, Vitice

Posted: Mon, 10/15/2012 - 14:15
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My cousin and I are planning a trip to Prague July 22-30, 2013 with a tour group. We will be staying in Prague during those days. We plan to visit either before July 22 or after July 30 the following towns where our great grandparents came from.
Domazlice in Western Bohemia and Cesky Brod and DobroPole east of Prague. We would like to locate possible relatives in these towns.

We need a car, driver and interpreter for this portion of our trip. We also need a recommendation of inn or hotels in the area. Can you help us. thank you, Marcia Holliman



Perhaps it is a typo, but I think your surname is ‘Zeleny’ (with accent mark over the y), right?

Keep in mind that this is the Czech word for the color ‘green’, so it is quite a common surname, like ‘Smith’ in America, so unless you do some advance research before your trip, your door knocking adventure may not turn out to be as fruitful as you’d like it to be.

FYI, here is a link to a website which shows the current distribution of the surname Zeleny (with accent mark over the y):


Please note that on the CGSI research page, we have a listing of professionals based in the Czech Republic, who can provide you with the services you are needing. The sooner you contact someone, the better—

Good luck and have a great trip!
Tony Kadlec