Czech migration to Croatia in 1800s

Posted: Wed, 06/06/2012 - 13:09
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I am trying to get general information about the immigration of Czech/Bohemian farmers to Croatia during the 1800s. I have been told that the Croatian government recruited farm families and even whole villages to move to Croatia to help it expand its agricultural resources. The Czechs were responding to offers of free or low-cost land in return for their immigration.

I believe that my ancestors were part of this migration. Their last name was Kopejtko (with various spellings) and they moved to the area of Seliste and Velika Ludina in Croatia. Some of them migrated to the United States in the period around 1905 to 1925. I have a few of their documents from 1909-1922, and they were issued by the Czech Republic as their “home” country.

Do you know anything about this Czech to Croatia migration, or could you point me toward any resources that could help?

Thank you in advance for your help with this.


My grandmother’s (Franciska Bitmanek) father (Venceslai Bitmanek) and mother (Catharinae Mrazek) may have been part of this migration. It was only in researching that we found my grandmother’s marriage license that stated she was from Koncanica, Slawonie (now Croatia).

Do you know of any church record site that can be researched for births in this area?

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