Czech Legion During WW I

Posted: Mon, 08/24/2015 - 13:38
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My maternal grandfather was born in 1896 in Komna in what is now the Czech Republic. At the start of WW I in 1914 he would have been 18. I am trying to find out if he served in the Czech Legion during the war or anything else about that time. Family story is that he was a POW with Russia but this is all we know.

He came to America in 1923 and married my grandmother here in NJ.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The Czech military database is available here. It is subdivided into 4 different searches. One pertains to WWII. Be sure to try the other three separately.


Thank you very much Gabi.

However, this database appears to be only for fallen soldiers. Of course, my grandfather survived and came to America. I am hoping that somewhere there is a DB of who was in the war and what unit they served in.

This database is for fallen soldiers, legionnaires, and wounded soldiers. Why don’t you post, or email me more details (Name, DOB, place of birth) and maybe we can find some info.

Are you Robert or Ludvik?:))


Ludvik Michalcik
DOB 28 Feb 1896
Komna Bohemia

I have a substantial amount of family tree information. Don’t need anymore research in this regard. Just looking for what he did during the war. Family story is that he was a Russian POW. But how?

My name is Robert; Username in CGSI is Ludvik.

Not having any luck finding your gf. Have checked several books and databases for Czech Legionaires, deportees, and POW’s…but no Ludvík Michalčík.

Unfortunately only Euro list I found him on was a 1923 Bremen passenger list where he was travelling with his friend (Hudecek) from Komna.


Thanks for the effort. I have that Breman record. Working now with cousins back in old country to get their recollections.

I see no Ludvík (Ludvig Ludwig Ludwik) MICHALČÍK at , but I find these:

Příjmení Jméno Hodnost Datum narození Místo narození
MICHALČÍK Imre vojín,,, vojín 5.11.1891 Velké Kostolany okr. Piešťany
MICHALČÍK Josef vojín,,, četař 18.5.1889 (19.3.1888) Bučany okr. Hlohovec
MICHALČÍK Štěpán vojín,,, svobodník 14.3.1891 Nové Město nad Váhem okr. Nitrianská stol.

Maybe they are a relative of your Ludwig.