Josephine Otis my great grandmother

Posted: Thu, 10/22/2015 - 05:53
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I am searching for any information at all regarding my great grandmother Josephine Otis
Born 1889-1890
Married Josef Major, Mayer, Mayor
May have lived in the Pilzen area, Svateho Krize, Rockycany
They had a son (my grandfather) John, Jan, Jon
And another son Vaclav
May have also had a daughter, name unknown


Katrina Holikova was my great grandfather’s mother (my great great grandmother) from Lohenice Czech Republic
My great grandfather was Josef Holik (Boot maker), he married Franziska Yung in Lipoltice
They had two daughters Elise and Marie
Elise was my grandmother
Josef and Franziska and their daughters travelled to Australia in 1914
Josef had a bookmaking company in Sydney NSW
His daughters attended Brighton College in Manly Sydney NSW
Franziska died aged 37
Both daughters married and had children
Elise died after having her 4th child
Josef Holik returned to Czech Republic and married Blazena Holikova (Pokorny)
They lived in Lohenice
They had a son, Josef Holik junior
Josef Holik senior died 4/9/40
If anyone can help me with any information please contact me
There must be some living relatives somewhere in Czech Republic

Well, this won’t exactly be happy information, but here is an entry that in the communist era the Czech Secret Police (STB) investigated a Josef Holik (born 1925) in Lohenice.


Wow, that is very interesting news, thank you. i guess that would be Josef Holik Junior? I dont know his date of birth but that would be about right
Do you know anything else about the family?

Just noticed mistake – Josefine Otis…..was not born 1889 1890 – more likely around 1870