2013 Parade of Kroje

                                              Parade of Kroje

          Betty Groot
                                           Betty Groot
          Dunajec River raft rider’s vest from Velka Lesna, Slovakia worn by
           Betty Groot. The embroidered floral motifs echo the local flowers in this
           Goral region of the Pieniny National Park on the Polish border.

          Ellen Szedon
                         1920’s kroj worn by Ellen Szedon, Asheville, NC
          A tulip motif in tambour stitch decorates Ellen Szedon’s kroj from Abelova, a
          shepherding village in southern Slovakia. An elaborately embroidered apron
          and skirt complete this festive outfit from the 1920s.

          Lucille Szedon
                                          Lucille Szedon
            Archaic motifs bloom on a kroj from Cicmany, an ancient village nestled in
            the mountains of western Slovakia. Hand-made bobbin lace decorates the
            neckline. Ellen’s mother Lucille Szedon from Fort Mill in South Carolina, is
            holding a doll from the village in a matching outfit.

          Chris Visconti
                                          Chris Visconti
            Chris Visconti, Hoffmann Estates, Illinois models an heirloom wedding
            cap from Ratiskovice in the Moravian Slovak Region of the Czech Republic.
            The lace trimmed headdress is covered in sequins and beads and mirrors
            to “scare off” evil spirits. Once the bridal wreath was taken off, a woman’s
            hair was covered in a cap or kerchief because it was believed to be magic
            and could attract others.

          Sharon Broman
                                        Sharon Broman
          Hearts and flowers trim Sharon Broman’s kroj from Dolni Nemci, a village
          on the eastern Czech border in Moravia. This elaborate lace-trimmed kroj
          featuring colorful brocades would be worn on Sunday and for festive
          occasions. Sharon is from Spicer, Minnesota.

          Kimberly Root
                 Queen Kimberly Root, Miss Slovakia USA Youngstown, OH
          Queen Kimberly Root, wears her kroj from Liptovska Luzna,
          a shepherding village in the mountains of northern Slovakia.
          Protective symbols adorn the homespun linen blouse and
          flowers bloom on the batik blueprint apron.

          Katie Makousky
                                      Katie Makousky, Woodbury, MN
          Katie Makousky wears an elaborately beaded and decorated kroj from
          the Blata region of southern Bohemia, Czech Republic. The hearts and
          flowers that riot on the apron are filled with net lace inserts. A velvet
          embroidered vest and beaded, mirrored head band and be-ribboned
          cap complete the outfit dating from the 1920s.

          Diane Massura
                                    Diane Massura, Downers Grove, IL
          Diane Massura wears an incredibly embroidered apron with
          archaic colors and motifs of peacocks and flowers from
          Dobra in the Trencin region of western Slovakia. Her
          headdress from Rykynice in southern Slovakia features
          wax flowers, sparkly beads and openwork lace trim.

          Agnes Johannsen
                                          Agnes Johannsen
          Agnes Johannsen from took part in the last two parades of kroj
           and that inspired her to journey to her ancestral village, Maly
           Lipnik in the Carpathian Mountains of eastern Slovakia, and
          the have her own outfit made for her in Presov. Symbols
          decorate velveteen vest and flowers bloom on her apron matching
          the elaborately pleated skirt that swings when she dances.

                                       Ellen Komarek Duvall
            Ellen Komarek Duvall didn’t have a kroj from her ancestral village in
            Bohemia, Czech Republic so she made her own! Cafe curtains from a
            Sear’s sales bin provided the right look for the “embroidered” blouse
            and apron and she fashioned the “holuby” or dove-winged cap to
            match! Ellen is from Springfield, MO. She’s an inspiration!

                                       Sandra Nemecek
          Rare embroidery in real gold thread decorates the blouse and cap worn
          by Sandra Nemecek. They date from the early part of the 19th century
          from the Trnava region of Slovakia. Hand-made bobbin lace encircles the
          collar with beads ansequins adding extra sparkle. A godmother
          might have to sell a cow or a field to have such an elaborate cap and
          blouse made.

                                     Daniela Mahoney, Portland, OR
           Daniella Mahoney models her kroj from Domazlice region, Chodsko region
           in southern Bohemia, Czech Republic. This is a married woman’s outfit with
           a lace trimmed apron and red stockings. Garnet necklaces and red stockings
           turn up in many of the Czech kroj.

                           Barbara Douvier and daughter Cathy Haugen
          Mother daughter team – left Barbara Douvier, Woodbury, Minnesota,
          wearing a beaded wedding cap from Zvolenske Slatina in southern
          Slovakia and Cathy Haugen, Vancouver, Washington modeling a
          wedding crown from Vazec in the Liptov region of northern Slovakia. Her
          colorful bead and rbbon trimmed vest is from Abelova, southern Slovakia.

                                        John and Jeanne Sabol
          John and Jeanne Sabol, Seven Hills, Ohio. John wears an elaborately
          embroidered wedding shirt from Helpa in central Slovakia’s Horehronie
          Valley. Roses and birds riot on this shirt, birds are said to be a symbol of the
          soul there. Jeanne’s beaded wedding cap is from Poniky in central Slovakia,
          and her gorgeously embroidered apron is from Cataj in western Slovakia.

                         Sharon Hanrahan and sister Kay Brookshire
          Sharon, Fitchburg, WI at left, models a beaded vest from Abelova and a
          bead and sequined trimmed wedding headdress from Sumiac in
          central Slovakia. The elaborate bead and ribbon trimmed headdress
          that Kay, Oak Ridge, TN wears comes from the Spis village of Kojsov in
          eastern Slovakia.

                                            Susan “Zuza” Marcinkus
          Susan “Zuza” Marcinkus, Oak Park, Illinois, wears her Piestany
          kroj for the first time. The beautifully embroided sleeves took
          many hours of work as did the floral motifs that decorate the skirt and
          apron. The dramatic wedding headdress is a riot of beads and ribbons,
          it’s from Krakovany is a village near Piestany in western Slovakia.

                                 Sharon Holliday, Lincoln NE
          Tambour stitched flowers decorate the colorful apron and skirt of the
          wedding outfit from Zvolenske Slatina in southern Slovakia worn by
          Sharon Holliday. The heavily beaded cap would be placed on the bride’s
          head at the wedding capping ceremony area. The matching beaded vest
          is most unusual and it all makes a stunning combination.

                                       Mark Bigaouette
          Mark Bigaouette, Stillwater, Minnesota and also Arizona, wears a
          gentleman’s coat from Eastern Bohemia, Czech Republic. A brocade
          vest and beautiful wool coat are trimmed with a colorful ribbon.
          This would have been worn to church and for festive occasions.

                                      Kristin Cederquist
          Kristin Cederquist from Lansing, Michigan, wears her kroj from the
          Liptov region in northern Slovakia. The homespun linen blouse has
          finely embroidered decoration on the sleeves and a crocheted lace
          collar. The vest is fine wool with colorful inserts. A blueprint (batik)
          apron adorns the pleated linen skirt. An elboarate floral wreath is
          her crown.

                                              Rosalie Baine
          Elaborate silk embroidery enlivens the blouse worn Kristin’s mother
          Rosalie Baine from Atlanta, Georgia. Likely a wedding blouse as
          it features heart motifs, it comes from Cervenany in the Tisovnik
          region of southern Slovakia. Rosalie is carrying a bride doll from
          Slovensky Grob in western Slovakia that was made for her by a
          woman in the village.

                                      Helene Baine Cincebeaux
          Helene Baine Cincebeaux, Rochester, New York, emcee for the
          Parade of Kroj, wears a dress she found in a Prague antique shop
          years ago. Fashioned in French silk and totally hand embroidered
          in colorful metallic threads it is evocative of the Mucha paintings.
          It’s known that Mucha imported items from France. The rare
          necklace is Bohemian made in the 1920s and features a moth.
          Her be-ribboned bridal crown was made for her in Stary Tekov in
          southern Slovakia and this was its debut!

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Pictures courtesy of Russ Helwig.