Presentations and Speakers 1991

Presentations and Speakers at the 1991 CGSI Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota

History of the Austro-Hungarian Empire Dr. Jan Neumann
Czechoslovakia’s Archival Hierarchy (Video tape) Dr. Milan Coupek
The Making of Slovak Easter Eggs Veronica Ratica Hipp
Texas Czech Experiences Leo Baca
Czech and Slovak Museum of Cedar Rapids Patricia Hikiji
Czechoslovak Heritage Museum (CSA in Berwyn, IL) Lillian Chorvat
Researching Your Jewish Ancestors in Poland and Germany Edward Luft, Esq.
Researching in Czech-American Newspapers 1870-1970 Dr. Bruce Garver
Treasures of Slovakia – Castles, Cathedrals, Historic Sites Helene Cincebeaux
Czech and Slovak Christmas Traditions Ivan Dubovicky
Open Forum on Travel Experiences in CSFR 1991 Panel of Travelers
Slovak and Moravian Folk Customs and Wedding Traditions Helene Cincebeaux
Advanced Czechoslovak Genealogy – How to Locate the Ancestral Home/Village Daniel Schlyter
Migration of Germanic Peoples into Czechoslovakia Dr. Jan Neumann
Documenting Czech Immigration Arrivals Leo Baca
German-Bohemian Immigration to the Upper Midwest Robert Paulson
Researching Your Jewish Ancestors in Bohemia Edward Luft, Esq.
Understanding Your Ancestors Through Their Folk Songs Anita Smisek, O.P.
Antonin Dvorak’s American Sojourn, 1892 to 1895 Jaroslav Mracek, PhD
Advanced Czechoslovak Genealogy – Sources for Genealogical Research, the CSFR Daniel Schlyter
Czechoslovak Genealogy – Resources in the Czechoslovak Heritage Museum, Library and Archives Lillian Chorvat
Czech Language in America – Influence of Old Dialects and English Steve Wencl
History of the Czech Composer – Bohuslav Martinu Boris Rypka
Panel Discussion – Life in Czechoslovakia Before and After the 1989 Revolution Dubovicky, Cincebeaux, Garver, Neumann
Slovak Easter Eggs and Their Cultural Significance Veronica Ratica Hipp
Researching Your Ancestors in Germany and Poland Daniel Schlyter
Central and Eastern European Holdings of the Immigration History Research Center Joel Wurl
Advanced Czechoslovak Genealogy – Effective Genealogical Research in Person and By Mail Daniel Schlyter
Emigration Patterns of Czechs to America Ivan Dubovicky
Czech and Slovak Musicians of the United States 1848-1938 Jaroslav Mracek, PhD