Presentations and Speakers 1993

Presentations and Speakers at the 1993 CGSI Conference in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Customs, Crafts and Folklore of Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia Helene Cincebeaux
Czechs and Slovaks in Racine, Wisconsin: A Sesquicentennial Perspective John D. Buenker
Explanation of Czech and Slovak Given and Surnames Ivan Dubovicky
Immigration in the Mississippi River Valley Edwin L Hill
If You Wish to Know a Culture, Go to Its Music Anita Smisek, O.P., Milos Mares
Czech, Slovak, Moravian Sources of Information in the United States Duncan Gardiner
Prague and the Arts Through the Eyes of the Masaryk Family Charlotta Kotik
Ethnic Resources in the Linn County Genealogical Society Research Center Marilyn Walsh
Tour of the Current National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library Library/Museum Staff
Ancestry Research in Slovak, Moravian and Czech Archives Duncan Gardiner
Czech Rural Settlements West of the Mississippi Stepanka Korytova Magstadt
My Search for My Husband’s Relatives in Backroad Bohemia Marilyn Miller Sychra
Czech Settlement and Sources for Research in St. Louis, Missouri June Sommer
Treasures of Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia Helene Cincebeaux
Making the Most of Records in the LDS Family History Branch Library Kacy Novak
Border People: German-Bohemian (Bohmisch) Settlements in America’s Midwest Ken Meter and Bob Paulson
Migration Patterns of Czechs Into and Out of Nebraska Marjorie Sobotka
The Push to Go, The Pull to Stay: An Emigrant’s Dilemma Stepanka Korytova Magstadt
Unusual Facts About Our Heritage Discovered During Museum Research Felix Gula
Folk Craft Artisan’s Demonstrations Marjorie Nejdl, others