Presentations and Speakers 1994

Presentations and Speakers at the 1994 CGSI Conference in Green Bay, Wisconsin

The Art of Making Kolace Dolores Kupsh
Artifact Identification Session Helene Cincebeaux, Dagmar Bradac
Genealogy and Historical Memory (Keynote) Mojmir Povolny
If You Wish to Know a Culture, Go to Its Music Anita Smisek, O.P., Joel Blahnik
Genealogy Research Resources in Northeastern Wisconsin Otnie Dechert, Timothy Cary, Sister Ella Kaster, Debbie Anderson
Bohemia: The Crossroads of Europe Ken Meter
The Care and Feeding of Czech and Slovak Kroje Darinka Mojko Kohl
Fundamentals of Czech Language and Its Usage for Genealogists Charles Sindelar
Using Research Sources in the Czech and Slovak Republics Duncan Gardiner
Folk Art Demonstrations Milton Cherveny, Eugene Krejcarek, Ruth Prochazka, Ronnie Rozum, Theresa Suess
Immigration Patterns and Immigrant Experiences of Czechs and Slovaks Ivan Dubovicky
Advanced Topics in Czech and Slovak Genealogical Computer Applications Chris Miksanek
Folk Dance History and Traditions With Demonstrations Don and Jeanette Pafko
The Border People: German Bohemian Settlements in the Upper Midwest Ken Meter and Bob Paulson
Traveling in the Czech and Slovak Republics: Diverse Experiences: Panel of 1994 Travelers Ken Dzugan, Evelyn Fergle, Duncan Gardiner, Gail Santroch
Historic Trades of Our Ancestors Ivan Dubovicky
US Sources for Czech and Slovak Research: Finding Your Ancestral Village Duncan Gardiner
Slovak Settlement and Their Life in Wisconsin Kathy Deyl and Dr. John Hosmanek
Straw Plaiting: A Cultural History Sidonka Wadina Lee
History of Czech Immigrants in Northeastern Wisconsin Victor Greene
Czechoslovak Genealogical Society Library Resources and How They Can Benefit You Paul Makousky