Presentations and Speakers 1995

Presentations and Speakers at the 1995 CGSI Conference in Chicago, Illinois

How to Begin Your Search for Ancestors Beth Mullinax and Duncan Gardiner
Computers and Genealogy Workshop Chris Miksanek
Folk Dance Seminar Don and Jeanette Pafko
A Concert Celebrating Czechoslovak Culture Through Music and Poetry Anita Smisek O.P. and Joel Blahnik
Czechoslovak Folksong Sing-Along Anita Smisek O.P. and Joel Blahnik
Area Networking Sessions (Upper Bohemia, Lower Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia)
State District Archives in the Czech Republic – Additional Sources of Ancestry Search Miroslav Koudelka
CGSI Library and Resources Gene Kubes
The Struggle for the Heart of Europe: Conflicts That Shaped
the Lives of our Czech and Slovak Ancestors
Steven Potach
Genealogical Centers in Slovakia Milan Sismis
Cook County (Illinois) Records Loretto Dennis Szucs
“Capping” the Bride in Chicago Patricia Williams
Czech and Slovak Family Names and Their Origin Miroslav Koudelka
Matica Slovenksa – Yesterday and Today Milan Sismis
Writing and Publishing Your Family History Duncan Gardiner
Real Beer in America . . . . . Finally! Ken Pavichevich
Three Centuries of Czechs in America Dr. Zdenek Hruban
The Sorbs (Wends): The Smallest Slavonic Nation George R. Nielsen
Czech Settlements in America at the End of the 19th Century Miroslav Koudelka
Documenting Czech Immigration Arrivals Leo Baca
Immigration to Bukovina and Volhynia Irmgard Hein Ellingson
Music of Antonin Dvorak Mirroring the Old and New World Radoslav Kvapil, Anita Smisek O.P. and Joel Blahnik
Czech Word Beginnings and Endings for Genealogists Robert Baumruk
The Czech and Slovak Interest Group of the Chicago Genealogical Society Maxine Liesinger
Karel Andera, Maker of Grave Marker Crosses Loren N Horton
Case Studies in Czech and Slovak Ancestry Research Duncan Gardiner
Slovak Easter Eggs Veronica Ratica Hipp
Czechs in Chicago 1850-1920 Dr. Dominic Pacyga and Robert Uher
Slovak Society at the Turn of the Century Milan Sismis
The Great Houby Hunt Tony Jandacek
25,000 Years of Religion and Beliefs in Slovakia and Moravia Helene Cincebeaux
A Look at Early Cicero and Berwyn Sue Svec and Norma Zbasnik
Slovakian Culture Through the Ages Sister Methodia
Vienna Military Archives Milan Coupek
Travel Panel Discussion Mark Bigaouette
An Ecumenical Czech Hymn Sing Anita Smisek O.P. and Joel Blahni
Czech Piano Classics and Masters Radoslav Kvapil