Presentations and Speakers 1999

Presentations and Speakers at the 1999 CGSI Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska

The Limb Begins With Me – Starting My Family Tree Sandra Hynek
Out On A Limb? More Branches to Find Sandra Hynek
Demonstrations of Folk Art and Special Collections Helene Cincebeaux, Steve and Gerry Wineteer, Don Pisar, Marge Nejdl, Sandra Hynek
Intermediate Topics in Computer Genealogy Chris Miksanek
Film “My Antonia” by Willa Cather Steve Potach and Antonette Willa Skupa Turner introductions
Old Country Roots: The Czech-American Landscape David Murphy
Practical Czech: Conversation and Vocabulary for Visiting Your Relatives and Ancestral Village Steve Schoening and Maria Hoffman
The Course of History and How It Influenced the Creation of Genealogical Research Duncan Gardiner
Czech Influences on Willa Cather’s My Antonia Antonette Willa Skupa Turner and Mila Saskova-Pierce
Betrothal and Wedding Rituals and Customs in Slovakia and Moravia With Implications for Genealogists Helene Cincebeaux
What to Expect While Traveling in the Czech and Slovak Republics Mark Bigaouette
Survey of Famous Figures of Czech Literature Eve Bock
Sources for Researching Your Nebraska Czech Ancestors Marjorie Sobotka
Czech and Slovak Genealogical Research: The Basics Duncan Gardiner
The Founding Fathers: The Czechoslovak Legion in Siberia, 1917-1920 Joan McGuire Mohr
Pictures from the Old Country: The Screening of a Docu-Drama Video About the Filmmakers Personal
Odyssey of Discovering Her Slovak Heritage
Susan Marcinkus
Identifying and Interpreting Czech and German-Bohemian Records and Military Photos Karen Hobbs and Frank Soural
Czech American Free-Thinkers 1860 to 1925 Bruce Garver
Censuses in Bohemia and Moravia as Genealogy Research Resources Miroslav Koudelka
Growing Up in South Omaha: A Czech-American Heritage in Poems and Stories Lorraine Duggin
An Outline of Czech Sources for Genealogy Research on the Internet Miroslav Koudelka
Documenting Czech Immigration Arrivals Leo Baca
Your Czech and Slovak Family History: Researching, Writing and Publishing Your Czech or Slovak Family Chronicles Duncan Gardiner
The Influence of Czech Musicians Upon the Common Practice Period John Svagera
Everyday Life in Slovakia and Moravia Over a Century Ago Helene Cincebeaux
The Struggle for the Heart of Europe: Conflicts That Shaped the Lives of our Czech and Slovak Ancestors Steve Potach
Czech Rural Folklore and Traditions Mila Saskova-Pierce
Maintaining a Home Page on the World Wide Web Chris Miksanek
Migration Patterns of Czechs Into and Out of Nebraska Marjorie Sobotka
Modern Czech Art, 1890 to 1938 Bruce Garver
Czech Society in the 19th Century Social and Professional Structure Ivan Dubovicky
Efficient Ways to Conduct Vital Statistics Research – My Experiences Miroslav Koudelka
Recruitment Practices and the Lives of Recruits Under the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy Karen Hobbs
Slovak Immigration to America and Life in the U.S. to 1920 Gregory Ference