Presentations and Speakers 2001

Presentations and Speakers at the 2001 CGSI Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Climbing Your Family Tree: Beginning Genealogy Part I Marilyn Cocchiola Holt
Climbing Your Family Tree: Beginning Genealogy Part II Marilyn Cocchiola Holt
Genealogical Sources in Western Pennsylvania Marilyn Cocchiola Holt
Demonstrations of Folk Art and Special Collections Joe Armata, Veronica Ratica Hipp, Helene Cincebeaux
Documentary, “Pictures from the Old Country” Susan Marcinkus
Dvorak in America, produced by PBS
Jump Starting Your Rusyn Genealogical Research Megan Smolenyak
Selected Data from Czech History Genealogists Should Know Miroslav Koudelka
An Overview of Folk Dress in Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia Helene Cincebeaux
Sources for Genealogical Research in the Slovak Archives and Potential for Their Use Milan Belej
Immigrant Steamships 1890 – 1950 Paul Valasek
Researching the People from No Man’s Land: The Carpatho-Rusyns of Austria-Hungary – Part I History Tom Peters
The Czech Settlement in Cleveland, Ohio Dorothy Cummings and Betty Hosticka
Three Slovak Women: An Multi-generational Perspective about Life in a Steel Town Lisa Alzo
Slovak Genealogical Records on LDS (Mormon) Microfilm in the U.S.: A Practical Guide to Reading and Interpreting Them Duncan Gardiner
Romas – The Forgotten People Eva Riecanska
Researching the People from No Man’s Land: The Carpatho-Rusyns of Austria-Hungary – Part II Genealogy Tom Peters
Introduction to Reading and Deciphering of Genealogy Documents Frank Soural
The History, Diversity and Meaning of Slovak Folk Art Eggs Veronica Ratica Hipp
Slovak Settlers in Pennsylvania Michael J Kopanic, Jr
History of the Czechoslovak Nationality Classroom at the University of Pittsburgh Joseph Bielecki
Building A Village Based Community Megan Smolenyak
The Founding Fathers: The Czechoslovak Legion in Siberia: 1917-1920 Joan McGuire Mohr
Slovak Genealogy and Culture – Open Forum Helene Cincebeaux
Archive Services and Cooperation Between Slovak Archives and Researchers from the U.S. Milan Belej
Telling Stories: Writing About Your Family in a Historical Context Lisa Alzo
Rusyn Communities in Western Pennsylvania: History and Chain Migration Rich Custer
Advanced Interactive Workshop on Reading and Deciphering Genealogy Documents Frank Soural
The History and Present of the Slovak Language and Nation Martin Votruba
Slovak and Czech Genealogy – Beginner and Intermediate Guide to Resources Duncan Gardiner
Power and Protection: The Motifs and Beliefs that Embellished Our Ancestor’s Lives Helene Cincebeaux
Rusyn Superstitions and Folk Custom John Righetti
Meaning and Origin of Czech and Slovak Family Surnames Miroslav Koudelka
An Outline of Slovak History Michael J Kopanic, Jr
Family History and the Slovak-American Fraternal Society Anthony Sutherland
The Cleveland Agreement and Pittsburgh Pact Gregory Ference
Between East and West – Rusyns of Slovaki Eva Riecanska
Immigration Trends and the Pittsburgh Czech Communities of Bohemian Hill and Spring Garden Joan McGuire Mohr and Carol Hochman
Finding Your Slovak Roots On-line Lisa Alzo
Early Communities in America and Their Role in Shaping Slovakia Joseph Hornack
Why Didn’t I Find My Ancestor’s Naturalization? Tom Peters
Overcoming Obstacles in Tracing a 20th Century Immigrant Paul Valasek
Research of Birth, Marriage and Death Registers in Czech Republic – My Experiences Miroslav Koudelka
Which Way E-J? Shoemaker Aided Thousands of Immigrant Families Helene Cincebeaux
Demographic Aspects of Emigration from Slovakia to the USA from Circa 1900 to WWII Milan Belej
Travel Before and After the Arrival of the Iron Horse Frank Soural