Presentations and Speakers 2003

Presentations and Speakers at the 2003 CGSI Conference in Houston, Texas

Wheat Weaving Hands-on Session Sandra Hynek
Genealogical Resources at Clayton Public Library Marje Harris
Making “Census” of Your Family History in 1930 Lisa Alzo
The Limb Begins With Me – Starting My Family Tree Sandra Hynek
Virtual Reunion: Connect Your Family On-line Lisa Alzo
Travel in the Czech Republic and Slovakia Mark Bigaouette
Czech Immigration to Texas in the Nineteenth Century: An Overview and a Case Study from the 1870s. Dr. Clinton Machann
Slovak Genealogy Duncan Gardiner
Military Records at the LDS Karen Hobbs
Czech Protestant Settlements in the U.S. Daniel Necas
Bohemian, Moravian, Slovak and Jewish Folk Tales Nadia Nagarajan
Unpuzzle Your Past: Write Your Family’s Story Lisa Alzo
Preserving Our Slavic Roots in the 21st Century Lisa Alzo
Virtual Tour of Moravia Miroslav Koudelka
The Population and Life of Protestant Parishes of Teleci and Borova (Policka County) in the 1st Half of the 19th Century Karel Kysilka
Moravian Folk Dress and Folk Art Helene Cincebeaux
Sokol’s Movement from Bohemia to the United States Larry Laznovsky
Conditions in Slovakia During the Period of Mass Immigration to U.S. Michael J Kopanic, Jr
Census Registers and Land Registers as Sources for Genealogists Martin Pytr
There Goes the Neighborhood (Czech Cotton Farmers) Doug Kubicek
Some Favorite Czech, Moravian and Slovak Children’s Stories Nadia Nagarajan
Origin of the Valachs (Wolochs, Wallachians) of Moravia, Silesia and Other Parts of the Carpathians Dr. Kevin Hannan, presented by Leo Baca
The Founding Fathers: The Czech/Slovak Legion in Siberia: 1917-1920 Joan McGuire Mohr
Experience Using Austrian Military Records and Regimental Histories Karen Hobbs
Emigration from Vizovice and Zlin Counties to Texas before WWI Karel Kysilka
Czech Folksongs and Hymnody Anita Smisek O.P.
Research of Birth, Death and Marriage Records in the Czech Republic Miroslav Koudelka
Selected Aspects of the Slovak Immigration to the U.S. Daniel Necas
The Course of Czech History and How it Influenced the Creation of Genealogical Records Duncan Gardiner
The Lost Colony of Krajina, Lavaca County, Texas Doug Kubicek
Experience Czech and Slovak Christmas Music Anita Smisek O.P.
Origin of Moravians in the Valassko Region Gary Kocurek
Introduction to Slovak-American Folksongs Michael J Kopanic, Jr
Czech Genealogical Research Duncan Gardiner
Family Connections and the Roots of the Unity of the Brethren Kathy Horak Smith
Moravia’s Ancient Ride of Kings and other Folklore Helene Cincebeaux
Historical Geography of Moravian Population of Texas Karel Kysilka
The Rhythm of Life in Slovak Villages 100 Years Ago Helene Cincebeaux
LDS Records on Film for Czechoslovakia Karen Hobbs
Ethnic Identity Among the Czechs and Moravians in Texas Kevin Hannan, presented by Clinton Machann
Let Us Prevent You from the Cultural Shock Miroslav Koudelka
Genetics and Genealogy Leo Baca
Czech and Slovak Immigration Character and its Impact Joan McGuire Mohr
Documenting Czech Immigrant Arrivals Leo Baca
Emigration from the Area of Czech Silesia in the 19th Century Martin Pytr
What is Unique about Czech and Slovak Music? Joel Blahnik
The German Settlements of Northeast Moravia and What the Pied Piper of Hamelin had to do with it Frank Soural