Presentations and Speakers 2005

Presentations and Speakers at the 2005 CGSI Conference in Bratislava and Prague

The Austrian War Archives in Vienna and its Records Pertaining to Personnel Christoph Tepperberg
The Slovak National Archives PhDr. Eva Vrabcova
The People of Slovakia and Their Identity Vladimir Bohinc
Family Forms in Slovakia Marta Botikova
The Regional State Archives in Prague and Genealogy Jiri Vichta
Possibilities for Genealogical Research at the State Regional Archive in Trebon Ladena Plucarova
Genealogical Sources from Eastern Bohemia Mgr. Milan Novotny
History of Silesia and Northern Moravia in 18th and 19th Century Mg. Zdenek Kravar
How to Recognize Professional Research from Amateur Research Jan Parez
Land Books: A Unique Source for Learning about the Everyday Life of Early Czech People Jan Parez
Treasures of Folk Art in Bohemia and Moravia Hana Marikova
Census Registers and Land Registers as Sources for Genealogy Martin Pytr
The Creation of Czechoslovakia Stepanka Korytova Magstadt
The Possibilities of Useage of Archive Records of the Olomouc Branch of the Opava Archives Jan Stepan
Czech and Slovak Family Name Sources – A Lesson for Foreign Genealogists Miroslav Koudelka