Presentations and Speakers 2007

Presentations and Speakers at the 2007 CGSI Conference in Madison, Wisconsin

Beginning Genealogy Lisa Alzo
Czech Archives Genealogy Exhibition
The Czech Archive’s Net and the Lesser Known Archival Files/Holdings Available for Genealogical Research PhDr. Lenka Matusikova
Documenting Czech Immigrant Arrivals Leo Baca
That’s How the Clerk (or Minister or Purser or Indexer) Spelled It – How to Trace Your Ancestors
Effectively When No One Knew How to Spell Anything
James L. Hansen
Beginning Slovak Genealogy Lisa Alzo
Identifying Grandpa’s Regiment in the Austrian Imperial Army Karen Hobbs
History of Slovak Immigration to Wisconsin John Hosmanek
Using the Online Catalogs of the Wisconsin Historical Society in Your Research Dee Anna Grimsrud
Historical Sources for Bohemia from the 17th and 18th Centuries PhDr. Lenka Matusikova
From Daguerreotype to Digital File: Organizing and Care For Family and Personal Photographs David Benjamin
If You Wish to Know a Culture, Go to Its Music Anita Smisek O.P. and Joel Blahnik
Doing Genealogy Over There Misa Plickova, Jiri Kaminek, John Leonard-Berg
The Rhythm of Life in Czech and Slovak Villages in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries Helene Cincebeaux
The Context of Czech and Slovak Immigration to the United States Thomas Archdeacon
It’s All Online! Or is it? Lori Bessler
Border People: The Bohmisch (German-Bohemians) in Wisconsin and Minnesota Robert Paulson
Genetics and Genealogy Leo Baca
Advanced Computer Genealogy John Kracha
German and Czech Emigration from Landskron Lanskroun), Bohemia to the Midwest Edward Langer
Finding Family in Slovakia: Uncovering the Roots and Adding Branches to the Family Tree Mark Lencho
Czech and Slovak Cinema – A Reflection of History and Culture Susan Marcinkus
The Wisconsin Office of Emigration and Its Impact on Immigration William G Thiel
Using Austrian Imperial Military Records at the LDS Karen Hobbs
The American Geographical Society (AGS) Library: What it is, and what is offers for genealogical researchers Javanka Ristic
Practical Czech for Genealogists Ludmila Mikulasova Rao