Presentations and Speakers 2009

Presentations and Speakers at the 2009 CGSI Conference in Cleveland, Ohio

Writing Your Family History Lisa Alzo
Beginning Slovak Genealogy Lisa Alzo
Cuyahoga County Archives Genealogical Resources Don Kozlowski
They Settled Here: The Role of Chain Migration in the US, Its Importance in Family History Research Lisa Alzo
Egg Decorating in Slovakia and the Czech Lands Daniela Sipkova Mahoney
Archives Getting Digital – What Can I Do Myself? When Do I Need Help? Jan Dus
Deciphering the Old German Documents Frank Soural
The Most Useful Genealogical Sources in the Slovak Archives Milan Belej
The Czech Legion in France and in Russia Karen Hobbs
The Range of Czech Ancestors Given Names, Their Origins and Language Forms Miroslav Koudelka
History of the Chod (Bohemian Border Guards) Roy Rushka
1914 Memorandum of the Slovak League of America Gregory Ference
The Applicability of Feudal Tax Lists to Slovak Family History Research Margo L Smith
The Settlement, Growth and Movement of the Czechs and Institutions in Cleveland Stephen Sebesta
Czech and Slovak Folk Dress . . . . Costume . . . . Kroje Helene Cincebeaux
The Mass Migration from Slovakia to the USA: Causes, Course and Useful Documents Milan Belej
Using LDS Austrian Military Records Karen Hobbs
The Roadblocks a Czech Genealogist May Encounter and Ways to Resolve Them Miroslav Koudelka
The Sudeten German Expulsion (Odsun) Frank Soural
Slovak-Hungarian Relations in Cleveland Before WWI Michael J Kopanic, Jr
What Was Everyday Life Like for Our Ancestors in the Middle Ages Mark Bigaouette
Understanding the Names and Records of Our Czech Ancestors: Tools for Genealogists Carol Jean Smetana
Demystifying East European Research Lisa Alzo
Visual Anthropological Perspectives in the Turiec Valley, Slovakia Margo L Smith
High Impact Slovak Pioneers to America: Those Known to Have Shaped Communities and Other Frontiers Joseph Hornack
The Story of Cleveland Czechoslovak Legionnaires Stephen Sebesta
Rusyns and Slovaks: Similarities and Differences John Righetti
The Register Books in Slovakia – The Most Important Source for Genealogical Research Milan Belej
Eastern Canadian Ports of Entry for Immigrants Frank Soural
Genealogical History of Christians and Jews in the Czech Lands and Slovakia Jan Dus
National Orientation and Identity of Carpatho-Rusyns in Cleveland Rich Custer
The Slovak Quest for Equality in Hungary Before WWI With Special Emphasis on the Slovaks in the USA Gregory Ference
Finding the Ancestor’s Regiment Karen Hobbs
Sedlak, Pasekar, Fleishhacker or Inquilinus? Let Us Get Acquainted with the Professions of Our Czech Ancestors Miroslav Koudelka
Rusyn Superstitions and Customs John Righetti
Strategies in Use of Parish Records in Slovak Family History Research Margo L Smith
Slovak Immigrant Neighborhoods in the Cleveland Area Michael J Kopanic, Jr