Presentations and Speakers 2013

Presentations and Speakers at the 2013 CGSI Conference in Chicago, Illinois

The 21st Century Family Historian Part I – How to Write Lisa A. Alzo
Language Handbook for Traveling and Genealogy Research in Slovakia – Sights, Menu, Transporation Michal Razus
Finding Your Chicago Ancestors Grace DuMelle
Preserving Cultural Crafts in Our Communities Daniela Mahoney
The 21st Century Family Historian Part II – Digital Tools to Make the Process Easier Lisa A. Alzo
Language Handbook for Traveling and Genealogy Research in Slovakia – Searching for Records Michal Razus
The Art of Bobbin Lace Carol Hilliger
Documenting Czech Immigrant Arrivals Leo Baca
Searching for Your Family History on Juliana Smith
Preserving Cultural Crafts in Our Communities Daniela Mahoney
Homes of Our Czech Ancestors in the Old Fatherland Miroslav Koudelka
What’s New and How Best to Use Lou Szucs
Czech, Slovak and Rusyn Chicago, Why are we here? – Keynote Speaher Paul Valasek
Emigration to North America from Czechoslovakia during the Communist Era Michael Kopanic
Family Websites Susan Chapman
Genealogy as Reading between the Lines Jan Dus
S.S. Eastland – A Conversation Alberta Adamson and Sally Nunemaker
Using FamilySearch and Other Online Resources to Find Slovak Ancestors Lisa A. Alzo
Early German-Bohemian Immigrants Wade Olsen
Czech Family Names Sources: A Lesson for Foreign Genealogists Miroslav Koudelka
Demystifying and Exploiting Print on Demand to Publish your Family History Chris Miksanek
Political Geography of Slovakia Michal Razus
Exploring the German-Bohemian Culture: Dudelsack to Knodl Wade Olsen
Find It Yourself – Genealogical Resources Available On-line Jan Dus
Genealogy Research at the Newberry Library Matt Rutherford
Sources for On-Site Research in Slovak and Czech Family History Research in the Chicago Area Margo Smith
Village Life of Our Ancestors Mark Bigaouette
Beginning Genealogy Lisa A. Alzo
Bohemian National Cemetery in Chicago Carol Jean Smetana
Traditional Slovak Folklore and Links to the Contemporary Culture Michal Razus
Rusyns as the Third Founding People of Czechoslovakia John Righetti
Where Else Did They Go? Jan Dus
The Freethinker Movement in the United States Carol Jean Smetana
Beginning Slovak Genealogy Lisa A. Alzo
Carpatho-Rusyn Settlement in Metro Chicago John Schweich
How to Research Czech Birth/Marriage/Death Registers on the Internet: A Practical Lesson Miroslav Koudelka
Holidays in the Czech Republic and Slovakia Daniela Sipkova Mahoney
Tweets, Links, Pins and Posts: Social Media and Family History Lisa A. Alzo
Rusyns and Slovaks, Similarities and Differences John Righetti
Czech DNA Project: Background and Update Leo Baca
How I grew to appreciate growing up in a Czech-American Household in Chicago John Pritasil
Slovak Immigration to the Chicago Area and Illinois Before World War II Michael Kopanic
Carpatho-Rusyn Culture – It’s not just blessed baskets and stuffed cabbages John Righetti
What a Czech-American Genealogist Should Know About the History of the Czech Lands Miroslav Koudelka
Leveraging Genealogy Skills in Ways You Never Thought Possible Chris Miksanek