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TITLE: The grandmother; a story of country life in Bohemia
AUTHOR: Němcová, Božena, 1820-1862
DESCRIPTION: This book was originally published in the Czech language and translated by Frances Gregor to English in 1891. The below link will take you to the pdf which can be downloaded from Google within current copyright by clicking on the link in the left panel. 352 pages. Courtesy of HathiTrust.

The Grandmother

TITLE: Czech Folk Tales
AUTHOR: Josef Baudis
DESCRIPTION: Published in 1917. 196 pages. Courtesy of HathiTrust.
Czech Folk Tales


DESCRIPTION: The Hospodar magazine was founded in Omaha, NE in 1890 by Jan Rosicky. The magazine is in Czech, but by copying sections and pasting them into Google Translate a good idea of the article can be obtained. The magazine focuses on farming practices, but typically about 2/3s of the way through each issue there will be letters posted by individual Czechs and Slovaks from all areas of the US. These articles will cover a full range of stories from immigration encounters to farming practices to commentary on politics in the US and their former home. A key intent of the magazine was to assist immigrants in understanding the land, environment and farming practices leading to success in their new home. Each magazine is a separate pdf file that will download to your pc. They are usually about 30 meg in size but vary by issue.

Hospodar 1932 May 5
Hospodar 1932 May 20
Hospodar 1932 June 5
Hospodar 1932 June 20
Hospodar 1932 July 2
Hospodar 1932 August 5


TITLE: Czech and Slovak Culture
DESCRIPTION: The Radio Praha website has a page that lists a variety of events covering the entire United States and Canada. Events cover a full range of topics including sporting, social, and cultural events.
Czech and Slovak Cultural Events

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