Eastern Bohemia - Zamrsk

Vychodocesky kraj (East Bohemian Region)

Online link: There are two links for the Zamrsk Archive, each holding a different set of records, so you will want to search both links:




In person visits:
Any person interested in inspecting archival documents is required to prove his/her identity by showing an identity card or any other document of similar validity (e.g. passport), to register each visit in the visitors’ book, and that at the beginning of research, to fill out a research form (badatelsky list). The research form is to be recompleted whenever the subject of inspection or the subject of research are changed, and at the beginning of every calendar year. Reservations are required to use the archives.

Regional Archive

The State Regional Archiv in Zamrsk (North of Vysoke Myto)
Address: Zamek, 565 43 Zamrsk
Hours: Mon, Wed 9 – 4 Holdings: 17,556 bm 268,547 e.j. Tue, Thur 9 – 6

District Archives (Statni okresni archivy)
Statni okresni archiv Havlickuv Brod se sidlem v Pohledu
Address: Zamecka ulice 2 582 21 Pohled Holdings: 2,485 bm 56,850 e.j.
Hours: Mon, Tue, Thur 7 – 4 Wed, Fri 7 – 1

Statni okresni archiv Hradec Kralove
Address: Skroupova 695 500 01 Hradec Kralove
Hours: Tue, Wed 8 – 6 Holdings: 3,108 bm 81,358 e.j.

Statni okresni archiv Chrudim
Address: Rybickova ulice 8 537 60 Chrudim
Holdings: 1,630 bm 60,884 e.j.
Hours: Tue, Thur 8:30 – 6

Statni okresni archiv Jicin se sidlem v Jericich
Address: 507 76 Jerice zamek
Hours: Mon, Wed, Fri 8 – 2 Tue, Thur 8 – 6
Holdings: 3,023 bm 140,662 e.j.

Statni okresni archiv Nachod
Address: Branka (Dobeninska) 96 547 02 Nachod
Holdings: 3,034 bm 63,359 e.j.
Hours: Tue 8 – 6

Statni okresni archiv Pardubice
Address: namesti Republiky 12, 530 02 Pardubice
Holdings: 2,015 bm 57,369 e.j.
Hours: Tue 7:30 – 5

Statni okresni archiv v Rychnov nad Kneznou
Address: 516 01 Rychnov nad Kneznou – zamek
Holdings: 1,590 bm 67,930 e.j.
Hours: Tue, Thur 8 – 6

Statni okresni archiv Semily se sidlem v Bystre nad Jizerou
Address: Bystre nad Jizerou 512 05 Haje nad Jizerou
Holdings: 3,556 bm 23,196 e.j.
Hours: Tue, Thur 7:30 – 6:30

Statni okresni archiv Svitavy se sidlem v Litomysli
Address: 570 01 Litomysl zamek posta schranka 12
Holdings: 3,404 bm 96,857 e.j.
Hours: Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri 8 – 4 Tue 8 – 6

Note: The Society has a book on the inventory of holdings for the Litomysl archive in our library collection.

Statni okresni archiv Trutnov
Address: Komenskeho 128, 541 00 Trutnov
Holdings: 2,079 bm 39,752 e.j.
Hours: Thur 9:30 – 4

Statni okresni archiv Usti nad Orlici
Address: Pivovarska 137/II. 562 03 Usti nad Orlici
Holdings: 3,333 bm 10,751 e.j.
Hours: Tue 8-5 Thur 8-4

Note: bm stands for the number of running meters of records at archive e.j. stands for the registration units (number of charters, books, boxes, packages, plans, maps, etc.)

Common Holdings

Regional Archive at Zamrsk Matriky – Church records of birth, marriage, death Tax Records
Cadastral maps (village maps showing property holdings) done for the period 1830-1840 for all of Bohemia are held at the State Regional archive (Milady Horakove 133) in Prague.

District Archives Passport records – letters requesting permission to emigrate Certain Land Records Marriage contracts with register of brides dowry School records Town, Political Records, including town chronicles (history).