Northern Moravia - Opava

Severomoravsky Kraj (North Moravian Region)

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After choosing the English option (at top of page) drop down “Choose Archives” and unselect all but the top two archives (Opava and Opava-Olomouc). In the “Choose database” dropdown unselect all but the “Parish registers.” You may now enter your village name in the white block at the top (or in “Choose Location”) and do a “Search”.

In person visits:
Any person interested in inspecting archival documents is required to prove his/her identity by showing an identity card or other document of similar validity (e.g. passport); to register each visit in the visitors’ book, and at the beginning of research fill out a research form (badatelsky list). The research form is to be recompleted whenever the subject of inspection or the subject of research are changed, and at the beginning of every calendar year.

State Regional Archive

Zemsky archiv v Opave
Address: Snemovni 1 746 22 Opava
Hours: Mon, Wed 7:30-15:00 Tues, Thur 7:30-17:00 Fri 7:30-15:30

Branch Office in Opava
Address: trida Vitezneho Unora 39 746 22 Opava
Hours: Mon – Fri 7:30-15:30

Branch Office in Olomouc
Address: Wurmova 11 771 11 Olomouc
Hours: podle domluvy 7:30-15:00

Branch Office in Rymarov-Janovice
Address: Zamek 793 42 Rymarov
Hours: Mon – Fri 7:30-15:00

State District Archives (Statni okresni archivy)

Statni okresni archiv Bruntal
Address: Zahradni ulice 792 11 Bruntal
Hours: Mon, Thur 7:30-15:00

Statni okresni archiv Frydek-Mistek
Address: Bezrucova ulice (budova Kina) 738 20 Frydek-Mistek
Hours: Mon 7:00-16:00 Thur 7:00-17:00

Statni okresni archiv Karvina
Address: Frystatska ulice 40 733 21 Karvina 1
Hours: Mon, Thur 7:00-18:00 Tues, Wed 7:00-15:00

Statni okresni archiv Novy Jicin
Address: Slovanska ulice 3 741 01 Novy Jicin
Hours: Mon, 8:00-12:00, 13:00-18:00 Thur 8:00-12:00, 13:00-15:00 Fri 8:00-12:00, 13:00-18:00

Statni okresni archiv Olomouc
Address: Krizkovskeho ulice 2 771 11 Olomouc
Hours: Mon, Thur 8:00-15:00

Branch of Olomouc at Litovel
Address: namesti Svobody 11 784 01 Litovel
Hours: Mon, Thur 8:00-12:00, 13:00-15:00

Branch of Olomouc at Sternberk
Address: trida Cs. armady 14 785 01 Sternberk
Hours: Mon, Thur 8:00-12:00, 13:00-15:00

Statni okresni archiv Opava
Address: Lidicka ulice 2a 746 84 Opava
Hours: Mon, Tues, Thur 7:00-15:00

Archiv mesta Ostravy (Archiv of the City of Ostrava)
Address: Spalova ulice 23 702 19 Ostrava 2 – Privoz
Hours: Mon, Thur 8:00-17:00 Tue, Wed 8:00-15:00

Statni okresni archiv Prerov
Address: Horni namesti 7 750 00 Prerov
Hours: Mon, Thur 7:00-15:45

Statni okresni archiv Sumperk
Address: Bratri Capku 35 787 89 Sumperk
Hours: Mon, Thur 8:00-16:00

Statni okresni archiv Vsetin
Address: ulice 4 kvetna (areal Vsetin, stavebni a.s.) 755 01 Vsetin
Hours: Mon 8:00-16:00 Tues, Wed, Fri 8:00-14:00 Thur 8:00-18:00

Common Holdings of Archives

Regional Archive Matriky – church records of birth, marriage, death up to 1900 Tax Records Deeds, charters, nobility records The Moravian Provincial Archive in Brno holds the Cadastral maps (maps showing land ownership) for all towns in Moravia which were made from the 1830’s to 1840’s.

District Archive Passport records, applications for emigration certain Land Records Marriage contracts with register of bride’s dowry School records Town records, including town chronicle (history of events from the town).