Kubeck Kubec Kubek Kubik Kobac? - Lake County, Indiana

Posted: Fri, 05/18/2012 - 23:54
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I am trying to research my husband’s family. I have hit a brick wall with his great grandfather. His name was Andrew Kubeck (also Kubek) and he first shows up in the 1900 census with a migration year of 1881 (also listed as 1883 on other census records). He was born about 1841. His wife is Mary (probably Jasko) born about 1862. They have Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Czechoslovakia listed as place of birth and migrated from. The census records look like they came together to America. I can not find a record of them arriving in the U.S. I do not have a village name or name of parents. They have children born in Pennsylvania in the 1890’s and then are in Whiting, Lake County, Indiana from that point on. The Kubeck name appears a lot in Pennsylvania as well as Lake County, Indiana and Chicago area (which are quite close). I am wondering if the Kubeck’s in these areas came from the same village or area of Austria. Does anyone have any hints to get me past my road block? My father in law is elderly and quite ill and I am trying to at least get information on his first Kubeck ancestors to arrive in America and where specifically they came from.


I have a great aunt and uncle named Kubik who came from Chicago, farmed in Stevensville and Baroda, Michigan(Berrien County, southwestern Michigan). If you think there may be a connection, I can give you a little more information and some possible leads.