Surnames: Buline (Bulin), Henik, Fujan, Motys, Rezac, Hudachek, Zenisek, Krob, Kohl, Skubal, Hruby

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Jakub Bulin, born in 1790s in Vyrov, Plzen, Bohemia. Married Rozalie Fujanova who was born in Voryta, Plzen, Bohemia. They had three sons, two stayed in Bohemia. Decendants (Koukl family) still live in original Bulin home.

Vaclav Bulin, born in Vyrov, married Anna Lemuel Motyskova, widow of Jan Rezac. (Jan and Anna had one son, Frantisek). Vaclave and Anna came to America from Bremen, Germany with their children: Frank Rezac, Mari Buline, Barbara Buline, and James Vaclav. They settle in Washington County, Iowa. Girls married into the Hruby and Skubal families.

James Vaclav Buline married Frances Henik, daughter of Vaclav Henik and Anna Bulin. Vaclav and Anna came to America and settled in Johnson County, Iowa and later lived in Iowa City.

James Vaclav Buline and Frances Henik has a son, Charles Ferdinand Buline, who married Alba Hudachek. Alba was the daughter of John Hudachek and Mary Zenisek. Mary was the daughter of Josef Zenisek and Katerna Kohl. Josef was the son of Jakub Zenisek. The Zeniseks came to Johnson County, Iowa. Katerna came to America with her sister and they lived near Solon, Iowa.

John Hudachek was the son of Martin Hudachek and Mari Krob. Mari was the daughter of Jan Krob who came to America and lived near Solon,Iowa. Martin was the son of Paul Hudachek. (Martin had two brothers, Michael and Thomas (?).

Many Czech families in the Lone Tree, Iowa and Solon, Iowa areas are related through marriages.