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Message Date Commentsort descending Date
Radnice? 04/07/2011 Susan S. Thanks Tony…actually I did 04/16/2011 Sular95
Family genealogy research help 02/26/2016 David Nelson Thanks, David! Glad we were 02/29/2016 jerrymartinek
Boatload of Bohemians 12/15/2015 Dave Shaw Thanks, Jerry, I’ll look into 01/28/2016
Looking for Information on Hvozdany appx. 90km south of Prague 02/14/2013 Dennis Mulacek Thanks. I’m a little late 03/11/2014 dennisa.mulacek
Sibrt surname 02/21/2016 D. Tajbl Thanks. I’m not worried much 02/23/2016 TajblDan39
Husar and Hudak to PA 09/07/2015 Joanne Chvala The best way to move forward 09/08/2015 gsvatos
Sibrt surname 02/21/2016 D. Tajbl The birth of Frantisek 02/22/2016 jerrymartinek
Chicago's Grand Crossing Czech Community 11/04/2011 Wesley Johnston The CGSI message board 11/17/2011 wwjohnston
Czech Legion During WW I 08/24/2015 Robert The Czech military database 08/24/2015 gsvatos
Leo Baca DNA webinar handouts 02/24/2014 diannbiltz The handout for this 03/15/2014 anthony.kadlec
Joseph Hrncir and Magdalene Patek 01/25/2012 DLTeeter The most important 01/27/2012 vendula.masatova
NEKVASIL 01/27/2009 VYSKOCIL THE NEKVASILS WERE OUT OF 07/26/2011 emil.vyskocil
Korous surname 06/13/2010 Dawn Soukup Eckrich The query has two levels, as 07/26/2010 wincubs96
Looking for family of Martin Laiza 07/12/2014 vjm The records for Javornik 07/19/2015 gsvatos
Hodonin 01/26/2015 Kosz/Koszt/Kovalick Family There are 4 Hodonin 07/18/2015 mary_levesque
Lidice 06/02/2009 Nelson There are lists available of 02/03/2010 toni.brendel
NEKVASIL 01/27/2009 VYSKOCIL There are Nesvacil families 01/11/2011 rayb.johnson
Research on John & Barbara Roth 04/15/2009 Donald J. Pejsa There are several Roth 01/11/2011 rayb.johnson
seeking Aurada surname 05/15/2015 Cecelia There are three Chotimer 05/19/2015 gsvatos
Hicho 07/16/2015 Kristen There is a 1902 passenger 07/16/2015 gsvatos
Czech Legion During WW I 08/24/2015 Robert There is a DVD about the 08/26/2015 dan.urban
Surnames Tajbl and Kostka 04/20/2013 Dan There is a Kostka family 05/02/2013 MJames
Fetcho/Mehochko 06/20/2014 Elizabeth (Fetcho) Stoffel There is an Andrew Fetcho in 06/28/2014 holubhelper
Vincent and Anna Beran Buresh and Ancestors 07/02/2015 LBuresh They may have come from 07/04/2015 LJBuresh
ISO Joseph & Antoni Hayek information 08/20/2013 JoAnn Sisco They’re both buried in Walnut 09/03/2013 holubhelper
Czech Legion During WW I 08/24/2015 Robert This database is for fallen 08/24/2015 gsvatos
Town in Bohemia - Palmokle 03/09/2009 Kathryn Brophy This is late info…could it 04/07/2013 rebeccaj.hamilton
Tessewreck surname - changed from something else? 11/14/2014 Tara Tony, Thank you SO much for 11/19/2014 tlangford18
Mazourek-Moravec/Morawetz 11/20/2011 Carol Leonard Tony, Thanks for your 01/02/2012 carol.leonard
Porac, Slovakia 02/12/2016 Vrabel Tony, Do you know of anyone 02/20/2016 marilyn.schulte
What is Lugice? 09/23/2013 Ladmanfinder Turns out it was Žežice. 12/26/2013 ladmanfinder
Major, Mayer, 09/07/2014 June Unfortunately the parents of 11/26/2014 gsvatos
Hosna / Sevcik/ Janscek/ Blazek families 10/18/2011 hosna Updating some info… Anna 11/02/2011 mary.hosna
Need Czech translation 03/06/2015 Mike Shimeta Upon further review, I think 03/06/2015 mshimeta
Information about Schilder/Schiller 01/25/2017 John Wiedemeier Use to look up the 01/28/2017 JOLKASS
Slabce Municipality Teacher Autobiographies 04/09/2018 Wesley Johnston Very nice. Thanks for sharing 04/09/2018 JOLKASS
Photos of Borova 08/13/2007 Betty Forster vicki ellis; my thomas 08/03/2010 betty.forster
Visiting Prague in June 03/27/2011 Cynthia Wallace We also are trying to find 07/02/2011 mshoward
Hrncir/Toepfer 12/23/2007 Roberta Well I just realized Anna 02/02/2012 DLTeeter
Hrncir/Toepfer 12/23/2007 Roberta Well I just realized Anna 02/02/2012 DLTeeter
Josephine Otis my great grandmother 10/22/2015 June Austen (Major) Well, this won’t exactly be 11/10/2015 gsvatos
Krivanek, Korinek, Nachodsky 09/16/2013 Robin What are you attempting to 09/24/2013 jerrymartinek
Seeking Information On Kostelak (Vaclav / Wenzil) and Krizek (Anna) 05/25/2015 Victoria What is his birthdate? There 05/27/2015 gsvatos
ISO Rosa Eva Blei b about 1870 Bohemia calif by 1891 12/01/2014 Dave What makes you think that she 12/09/2014 gsvatos
frank janda 03/26/2007 Janey Cook Where was your Frank Janda 10/10/2010 florencea.crane
Bush, Isidor,Jewish, born 1822, Prague, 03/27/2015 Mike Bush Wishing to follow family tree 03/27/2015 mikebush
Josephine Otis my great grandmother 10/22/2015 June Austen (Major) Wow, that is very interesting 01/30/2016 austenjune
Question on the towns in Moravia 12/18/2015 Jim 07/17/2018 jmike.swartz
Searching for Vrabel family from Porac, Slovakia 03/23/2017 Marilyn Schulte Yes, the records in family 03/28/2017 marilyn.schulte
Looking for Kucaba Czech records 02/21/2017 June Ellefsen Yes, they are from Trtice, Cz 04/04/2017 june.ellefsen