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Message Date Commentsort descending Date
Litomysli Census Digitization 06/26/2018 Sadie Nelson
boda 12/04/2014 Clarence A. Bina
Reznicek in St. Louis 03/08/2014 Mary Lee Chivetta
ISO Rosa Eva Blei b about 1870 Bohemia calif by 1891 12/01/2014 Dave 1910 US Census lists her as 12/09/2014
Karel Kopecky & Milada Zatloukalova-Kopecky 04/03/2010 Peter Kopecky 1951 can this date be correct 04/12/2010 mark.bigaouette
KALAL Single Surname Research 04/13/2007 James J Kallal 8/31/2017 08/31/2017 jamesj.kallal
KOLA, ZVANOVEC, TEYRO Czech Families 12/22/2009 Eddie R. Hajek A Hajek family “adopted” my 11/10/2010 leslie.harding
KOLA, ZVANOVEC, TEYRO Czech Families 12/22/2009 Eddie R. Hajek A Hajek family “adopted” my 11/10/2010 leslie.harding
Tadeas (Tadyas) Krivanec ancestors 07/02/2015 Mary Krivanec Buresh According to the Feb 28, 1844 07/03/2015 gsvatos
Duddah, Wasco (Wasko, Vasko) 07/23/2011 Renee Additional information – my 07/24/2011 mmknapper
Miksovic - MLCK (or Mlcek) - Bujark 06/26/2016 Ann Miksovic Ann, I have had success in 09/13/2016 jerrymartinek
Info on Oujezd, Aujezd, Ujest, and Ujezd 03/06/2011 Rich Burian Anthony, Thanks for the info. 03/21/2011 RBurianic
How do I find what city/town my ancestors were from? Chobot, Korizek, Mrkvicka, Taborsky. 02/19/2013 Maria Any info on surname Coufal 03/05/2013 paul.coufal
Svidnice, Bohemia 04/05/2010 Kevin Kronoveter Anybody have access to Leo 04/12/2010 herkybc130
Sladek from Pacov, Latica from Rosice 12/24/2011 Kirk Williams Apparently, I can’t spell. It 12/24/2011 Peace_Keeper
HELFERT/LIFKA 01/25/2017 Leigh Are they Catholic? 02/01/2017 JOLKASS
Schimek Family Tree 02/21/2015 Rennykbc Are you still looking? My 02/27/2017 Klischek
Slovak Village Descriptions 08/31/2014 Susan August 4, 2015 Rankovce is 08/04/2015 RLavenberg
Benesch in Shas, Wisconsin 02/12/2012 Rollie Benish & Urbanek in 02/20/2012 dan.urban
Information about Schilder/Schiller 01/25/2017 John Wiedemeier Birth record 23 July 1880http 01/28/2017 JOLKASS
Valent 01/19/2018 Chuck C. Birthdates? Religion? Where 01/22/2018 gsvatos
Hosna / Sevcik/ Janscek/ Blazek families 10/18/2011 hosna Birthplace of Josef (1879) 02/09/2012 mary.hosna
Missing links 01/03/2018 RVrtis Bruzek is not my relation, 01/15/2018 jerrymartinek
Mazourek-Moravec/Morawetz 11/20/2011 Carol Leonard Carol: Have you been able 12/09/2011 anthony.kadlec
Mazourek-Moravec/Morawetz 11/20/2011 Carol Leonard Carol: Have you been able 12/09/2011 anthony.kadlec
Information about Schilder/Schiller 01/25/2017 John Wiedemeier část obce Nová Ves, Dolní 01/28/2017 JOLKASS
Husar, Hudak Pennsylvania 02/23/2018 Joanne Chvala Check out Ancestry member 05/25/2018 david8
Raslarica, Austria-Hungary (1883) = Raslavice, Slovakia (2018)? 04/24/2018 Jeff Burke Check out: http://www 05/26/2018 david8
Svidnice, Bohemia 04/05/2010 Kevin Kronoveter correct the right village is 04/12/2010 mark.bigaouette
Need help in locating origin of families named Brilla and Tharta 03/21/2010 Agnes Correction to request of 03/17/2011 agnes.pavelko
Information about Schilder/Schiller 01/25/2017 John Wiedemeier Correction: Schilder not 01/28/2017 JOLKASS
Visiting Prague in June 03/27/2011 Cynthia Wallace Cynthia, I am anxious to hear 07/02/2011 mshoward
Boatload of Bohemians 12/15/2015 Dave Shaw Dave, Can’t give you any 12/15/2015 jerrymartinek
WONDRACK surname 08/08/2007 David J. Priever David I have a Wondrazek in 02/08/2010 barbara.greck
Names of towns in Czechoslovakia where parents and grandparents were born? 05/26/2007 vera b holman Dear CGSI members: I am 05/31/2012 marye.dorion
Czech Fraternal Organizations 06/22/2009 Johnna Roztocil Pollard Dear Johnna: The Lodge 11/26/2009 paul.makousky
Researching FLUTKA-Kamphenkel 03/21/2015 Katie Dear Katie, There is a 06/19/2015 gsvatos
Benes/Benesch/Hrncir/Toepfer, Straka, Maertz, Hajek 12/23/2007 Roberta Dear Roberta, I have 12/21/2010 leslie.harding
HELFERT/LIFKA 01/25/2017 Leigh Death record for Joesf 03/23/2017 JOLKASS
HELFERT/LIFKA 01/25/2017 Leigh Did Elizabeth come to the US? 03/23/2017 JOLKASS
Searching for Sukovity/Sukovita 06/26/2012 David Lewin did the Suk surname derive 12/15/2016 Judysuk9
research 07/17/2009 pat jedlicka Did you ever find information 10/18/2012 pcrippen
Sulc 12/31/2011 Jann Crock Did you ever find out 11/12/2014 bettynrick
Seeking Information On Kostelak (Vaclav / Wenzil) and Krizek (Anna) 05/25/2015 Victoria Did you see the marriage 05/27/2015 gsvatos
2615 S. Christiana Ave., Chicago, IL 05/15/2013 Monique Disregard. I contacted a 07/19/2013 holubhelper
Kamas. Bliznak, Surovik, Pomykal 01/18/2017 Barbara J Kovacevich Do you have any clues as to 04/04/2017 jerrymartinek
JOSEPH J DOLEJS GRANDFATHER 04/06/2008 GERALD T DOLEJS Do you have any idea where 08/23/2010 lawsonr.stevens
Majorosgazda, Majoros, Mayer Maior, Meier 06/08/2017 June Austen Do you have any links to 07/21/2018 austenjune
Posvar or Caha 06/08/2015 Elaine Do you know what town they 06/14/2015 gsvatos
Frantisek Velebil/Anna Marie Wolfova 04/10/2010 Gayle Don’t spend too much time 04/12/2010 mark.bigaouette