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Nemec, Niemec, Nemetz

I,m trying to find how the Nemec's got to Kewaunee County, WI. I will appreciate any information. Jim Nemec

Contact: Jim Nemec 65605 Nemec Road , Mason , WI 54856

Posted: 09/22/2013

holokovsky (sp?)

Seeking any info on gmo reported to be Marie Holokovsky. M Vaclav Pesek 1897-98, possibly in McLeod Co., MN. Reported to be born in Malesin, Bohemia in 1879. Died 1898 after birth of dau Anna (Annie), my mo. Found m of a Vaclav Pesek to Marie Poznicek 1898 in Ramsey Co. Question if same Vaclav as gfa, who was also b in Malesin in 1863.

Contact: William Coons 179 Kentucky Xing , Rochester , NY 14612

Posted: 09/13/2013

Pessek, Holokovsky, Lopour

Seeking any pre-immigration info on Vaclava (James) Pessek/Peshek/Pesek born 1862 Malesin, Bohemia, settled in McLeod Co., MN. m in MN Marie Holokovsky born 1879 Malesin, Bohemia. Later m Josephine Lopour born 1862 Oldris, Czech.

Contact: William Coons 179 Kentucky Xing , Rochester , NY 14612

Posted: 09/05/2013


I am searching for immigration records for my gg grandmother, Maria Pisarcik, b 1864 in Velka Frankova, Slovakia. According to census records, she immigrated around 1880 to the Baltimore area. Subsequently she brought her siblings Anthony, Michael, Josef and Elizabeth to the US. I cannot find any immigration records. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

Contact: Rosemary Markoff , ,

Posted: 09/04/2013

Oravec, Dzurilla, Korpalla, Lesnak

I am searching for any information on these names. Location: Cleveland area or Pennsylvania, maybe Canada.

Contact: Elizabeth Jane Speidel 4724 Coralberry Circle , Apex , North Carolina 27539

Posted: 08/22/2013


Searching for records for Michael Stich, born 1841-1843, Hranicky (German name Reichenthal) in West Bohemia. Par poss Wenzel and Barbara Stich.

Contact: Jim Steck 290 Patriot Lane , Freedom , PA 15042

Posted: 07/30/2013

Almash, Andreas (Andrew)

Married to Anna Lois (Lajos); and gg 's history

Contact: Andrew M. Halapin 458 Satinwood Drive , West Mifflin, , PA 15122

Posted: 07/17/2013

Hovanec, Chovanec

Searching for records for Janos Chovanec, b. Lom, Czechoslovakia, May 1881. Believe it is the Lom in Usti nad Labem.

Contact: Jeanne Rosser 1224 Marston Ct , Bel Air , MD 21015

Posted: 07/16/2013


Seeking others who work on lineage from around Trebon, South Bohemia, Cz. Rep. for info exchange, translations, etc. JudyNelson08@gmail.com

Contact: Judy Nelson 10265 Ulmerton Rd #123 , Largo , FL 33771

Posted: 07/10/2013

Adam, Salac

Searching for early records of Josef Adam, born 1860 near Prague, emigrated to US in 1879 with mother Barbara Salac, settled in Washington County, Texas. May be related to Vaclav Salac or Katerina Neuman Salac.

Contact: Bobbie Baldree , Waco , TX

Posted: 07/05/2013