Ucebnice Cteni: Starych Textu: nejen pro rodopisce (Textbook Reading Old Texts: Not Only for Genealogists)

Ucebnice Cteni: Starych Textu: nejen pro rodopisce

This book is an essential tool for beginning genealogists. In this book you will read about the development of writing and reading of ancient texts, and you can find patterns of ancient scriptures and numbers. The main part of the book is devoted to a training texts 50 (41 Czech, Latin and German 9 including translation), where the left side of the book is printed original historical text, and on the side precisely to transliteration (transliteration into Czech). Here you will find extracts of texts from registers (birth, wedding and death), official documents, soldier vouchers and other documents with which the genealogist may encounter in their research.

Textbook issued by Czech Genealogy and Heraldry Society in Prague – CGHSP (see www.genealogie.cz ), founded in 1969. Its activity follows the older traditions of the Czechoslovak Genealogy Company (est. 1929). Paper prepared by longstanding and experienced researchers and archivists.

- Historical development of fonts
- Familiarization with teaching tools
- The old ways of reading certain letters
- General principles of teaching the reading old fonts
- How to read Latin and German texts
- About ligatures, abbreviations and signs
- Patterns of fonts and numbers
- Practice texts in transliteration

Other Details
Edition: Schola genealogica ac heraldica nova, 1st Vol.
Author Ing. Vaclav Hasek et al
Publisher: Czech Genealogy and Heraldry Society in Prague; Prague 2014
Language: Czech, German, Latin.
Softcover with black and white illustrations
Dimensions: A4: 11.75 inches x 8.25 inches x 1/2 inches
Number of pages: 148
ISBN 978-80-905500-2-5

Price: $23.00