Central Bohemia Region

Stredocesky Kraj (Central Bohemia Region)

Online Link: http://ebadatelna.soapraha.cz

In Person Visits:

Any person interested in inspecting archival documents is required to prove
his/her identity by showing an identity card or other document of similar validity
(e.g. passport); to register each visit in the visitors’ book, and at the beginning
of research fill out a research form (badatelsky list). The research form is
to be completed whenever the subject of inspection or the subject of research
are changed, and at the beginning of every calendar year.

The Prague State District Archives / Praha SOA

There are about 40 seats available for researchers.

State Regional Archive

The State Regional Archive in Praha (Prague)
Address: Horska 7
128 00 Praha 2 – Nove Mesto
Hours: Tues, Wed 9:00-15:30 Thur 9:00-18:00

State District Archives (Statni okresni archivy)

District archives are typically open on Mondays & Wednesdays from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Statni okresni archiv Bensov
Address: Masarykovo namesti 1 256 01 Benesov

Statni okresni archiv Beroun
Address: Trida politickych veznu 21 266 49 Beroun II

Statni okresni archiv Kladno
Address: Ulice plk. Stribrneho 1443 (by mail, post. prihr. 91) 272 01 Kladno

Statni okresni archiv Kolin
Address: Zahradni 278, 280 00 Kolin IV

Statni okresni archiv Kutna Hora
Address: Podebradova ulice 288 (mail, post. schr. 53) 284 80 Kutna Hora

Statni okresni archiv Melnik
Address: Krombholcova 246 (by mail, post. schr. 40) 276 41 Melnik

Statni okresni archiv Mlada Boleslav

Address: Staromestske namesti 70/I 293 59 Mlada Boleslav

Statni okresni archiv Nymburk se sidlem v Lyse nad Labem
Address: Zamek 289 22 Lysa nad Labem

Statni okresni archiv Praha – Vychod (East) located at Nehvizdy
Address: Prazska ulice 12 250 81 Nehvizdy (okres Praha-vychod)

Statni okresni archiv Praha-Zapad (West) housed in Prague
Address: Podskalska ulice 19 128 25 Praha 2

Statni okresni archiv Pribram
Address: Dlouha ulice 81 261 01 Pribram III

Statni okresni archiv Rakovnik se sidlem v Petrovicich
Address: cp 1 Zamek 270 35 Petrovice

Special Archives
Vojensky historicky archiv (Military History Archive)
Address: Sokolovska 136 186 00 Praha 8 – Karlin

Archiv Narodniho muzea v Praze (Archive of National Museum in Prague)
Address: Pohorelec 8 118 00 Praha 1 Hradcany

Archiv Univerzity Karlovy (Archive of Charles University) Ovocny trhove
5 116 36 Praha 1

Archiv Akademie ved CR (Achive of Academy of Science – Czech Republic)
Badatelna 4 110 00 Praha 1

Archiv Narodni galerie (Archive of the National Gallery) Zbraslav – zamek
255 01 Praha 5 – Zbraslav

Archiv Narodni knihovny (Archive of National Libraries) Klementinum 190
118 01 Praha 1

Ustredni archiv geodesie a kartografie (Central Archive of Geodesy and
Cartography) Letenska 15 118 00 Praha 1

Common Holdings of Archives

Regional Archive Matriky – church records of birth, marriage, death up to
1900 Tax Records Deeds, charters, nobility records
The Prague Regional Archive holds the Cadastral maps for all towns in Bohemia
which were made from the 1830’s to 1840’s.
District Archive Passport records, applications for emigration certain Land
Records Marriage contracts with register of bride’s dowry School records Town
records, including town chronicle (history of events from the town).